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Artist Profile: Renzo Razzetto

Renzo Razzetto is an illustrator that currently lives and works in Florida. He creates pen and ink collage style illustrations using the inking technique called stippling—a method of inking in which hundreds of thousands of very fine dots are used to create texture, shading and other optical illusions.

I never know what my work will look like before I begin, relying solely on intuition, and this lack of planning, and the mystery that it creates, allows me to remain inspired and grants the observer the complete freedom of interpretation necessary to open up new realities. Like waking dreams, my work is a collection of subconscious ideas, images and emotions, visual narratives full of strange pleasures and impromptu poetry.Renzo Razzetto

The recurring themes in his work are eroticism, horror and the occult, which are all heavily influenced by silent Expressionist cinema. One of the latest projects that he was involved in was with Ogilvy & Mather, in the design of a poster for the play “Romeo & Juliet”. It was created for the 20th anniversary of Chicago’s Steppenwolf Theater. His work has also been featured in the publication “The World’s Greatest Erotic Art of Today, Volume 3” as well as in Society6 “Art Quarterly No.1.2” and in Popshot Magazine Issue 17 – The Future Issue.


Renzo Razzetto

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