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Artist Profile: Natalie Artemidy

curator: Victor Mesogios

In the paintings of the Spanish artist Natalie Artemidy we see such unthinkable and bright combination of feelings, existential experiences, philosophical themes and expression that for each viewer, they come as deep personal revelation.

Natalie Artemidy, Dancing

If we present art realism like older intellectual person is in the cylinder hat and romanticism – as young curly-haired rapper, then in the fight against realism and romanticism we find, that romanticism inevitably wins, and in the struggle of artistic techniques – that one filled with author’s expression wins. If we add to this the classic art experience of the Spanish Academy and original artistic ideas, then we get creative work of Natalie Artemidy.

MEAM art curators (Museu Europeu d’Art Modern), analyzing the technique of painting by Natalie Artemidy, came to the conclusion that her works could not be copied.

Is it possible to copy the true feelings?Victor Mesogios

Natalie Artemidy, It’s over

In December 2016 there was an unusual situation at the opening of the exhibition of paintings “Cazando sentimientos” in Barcelona. One of the viewers fainted right in front of the painting “Sangre del Espacio”. Later, this lady told, that the fire flowing of cosmic energy rushed on her from this picture so hard that she fainted.

Natalie Artemidy on Saatchi
Natalie Artemidy, Baila con me
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