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Artist Profile: Micaela Signorelli

Italian-Chilean artist and performer with a strong interest in the human cognition

Micaela Signorelli is performance artist, 20 years working with oil paint, ink, pen and pastel pencils, all techniques explored in the search of texture.

Micaela Signorelli

BA in Arts and Licensed in Acting in Pontifical Catholic University of Chile.

Minor in Developmental Psychology, Pontifical Catholic University of Chile.

MA in Theatre and Performance Studies, University of Sheffield, England.

PhD studies commencing in 2017.

Ninas, Micaela Signorelli
Italian-Chilean Visual and Performance Artist based in Sheffield. With studies in Arts, Theatre and Developmental Psychology, her interests include the vast field of Philosophy of Performance, specially Extreme Performance Art. Recently graduated as MA in Theatre and Performance Studies from The University of Sheffield. Admirer of Pedro Lemebel and Albert Camus, Micaela has participated in professional montages as an actress, director and integral designer and has exhibited visual work in Italy, Chile, Spain and the UK.
Micaela Signorelli Website
Skellig, Micaela Signorelli
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