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Artist Hides Clues to a Hidden Bitcoin Treasure in His Artwork

SAN DIEGO, Jan. 25, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Artist Steven Minnaar explores the meaning of art, value and money in his new collection of works titled The Minnaar Money Collection. These are 10,000 mystery artworks (Minnaars) that he is creating and releasing at the rate of 1 per day over 10,000 days and they all contain clues to a Hidden Bitcoin Treasure of over 1 full bitcoin (worth over $36,000 at today’s prices).

A long time student of history, art, economics and individual liberty, Steven only picked up a brush for the first time a few years ago and has already created a diverse collection of paintings, drawings, sculptures and readymades. In the last 7 months alone he has created over 500 pieces. Each Minnaar can be exchanged for any other Minnaar that he creates now or in the future, hence the name Minnaar Money.

Minnaar Money have become quite popular among art lovers, bitcoin holders and treasure hunters who order sight unseen months in advance of their release. You can view his growing collection at StevenMinnaar.com.

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