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ARTANKARA is aimed to give an acceleration to the art market of the region and the neighbouring countries of Turkey, which will meet with the art lovers for the fourth time at ATO Congresium.
ARTANKARA became a very important platform for the artists to exchange views, where original works of art can be seen and universal art meetings are held with the participation of international artists.
ARTANKARA offers the opportunity to visit domestic and foreign galleries at the same time, which mobilized the art market with 17.000 in 2015, 32.000 in 2016 and 40.000 art lovers in 2017. This year, the number of visitors is expected to increase even more.
Visitors can see many artworks like paintings, portraits, sculptures, installation art and conceptual art etc. More than 100 galleries, institutions and art initiatives are participated in this fair.
Art Ankara takes place in international arena which has expanded its range with the foreign participants. This year, galleries, artists and collectors will be participated in ARTANKARA from South Korea, Italy, England, France, Austria, Iran, Czech Republic, Greece, Ukrain,Kyrgyzystan, Bulgaria, Hungary, Russia, Macedonia, Kazakhstan,Iraq, Mexico, Norway, China, Armenia, Jugoslavia, Estonia, Uzbekistan, Canada, Germany and Georgia, besides the participants from Turkey.

The artworks of Davide Frisoni , Filigheddu, Roberta Coni, Hale Karaçelik will be exhibited at the stand of Neoartgallery, Italy. The important artists of South Korea are Yong-Moon Kim, Sang-Chul Won, Jung-Dae Kim, Min Kyo Kim, Sun Hwa Lee, Ece Yıldırım and Yong Sil Lee will be at the stand of AB Gallery, Korea. Annie Gauthier, Ahad Moslemi ve Pelin Yazar will be at the stand of Gallery 5 Continents, Canada. The artworks of Arif Huseyinov, Ebülfez Ferecoglu, Xaqan Bayramov and Mehmet Şirzad will be visited at the stand of Baku-based Araz Gallery. Ahmad Tak, Kaveh Kavosi, Leyla Alikhani, Maryam Moghadam, Nazar Moosavi will meet with art lovers to introduce the Iranian contemporary art at Niya Farda Art Gallery stand. Ludmila Levitas, Svetlana Gruzdova, Igor Papakin ve Julia Agenosova Salon Ashley will meet artlovers at the Art Russia Stand.
Among the participants, Bedri Baykam with Piramid Art, Süleyman Saim Tekcan with IMOGA museum, Mustafa Ayaz with Mustafa Ayaz Museum, Zerrin Tekindor with Gallery Selvin, İbrahim Balaban with Abay Gallery, Resul Aytemür with Akademililer Art Center, Ergin İnan with Sevil Dolmacı Art Consultancy, Umit Gezgin with Bahariye Art Gallery, Artsrun Apresyan with Imoga Art Space, Seyit Mehmet Buçukoğlu and Constantinos Valaes with Gallery Binyil, Elif Aydemir with DorukArtProject and much more surprising galleries and artists will be brought together with art lovers between the dates of 15-18 March 2018 at ARTANKARA fair.
The artworks of greatest artists from past to present and new generation artists of Turkey can also be seen such as Mustafa Yüce, Kadir Akyol, Burhan Alkar, Malik Bulut, Yalçın Gökçebağ, Derviş Ergün, Ali Atmaca, Bedia Dipşo, Ayten Akbayram, Anar Eyni, Arzu Karcı, Azamat Kuliyev, Ekrem Kadak, Kadir Ablak, Chad Holliday, Jason Chakravarty, Adil Ocak, Mehmet Babat, Ali Candaş, Sait Rüstem, Mahmut Karatoprak, Yücel Kale, Ahmet Yeşil, Nurettin Akkaya, Hüseyin Feyzullah, Figen Demirel, Yiğit Yazıcı, Bülent Kılıç, Mert Ege Köse, Pınar Derin Gençer, İmren Erşen, Onur Can Özdemir, Eti Behar, Erdal Ardıç, Işıl Özışık, İsmail Hüseyinov, Hale Karaçelik, Hikmet Çetinkaya, Mehmet Emin Erdoğdu, Ayhan Türker, Hakan Esmer, Raşit Altun, Zerrin Pehlivan, Baran Kamiloğlu, Bülent Yavuz Yılmaz, Emre Lüle, Ekrem Yalçındağ etc,.


TIANJIN POLYTECHNIC University, founded in 1912, on engineering and art, which is leading the People’s Republic of China, will offer an opportunity to meet the Chinese contemporary art with art lovers.The artworks of Song Ying, Xu Jun, Ji Nuo, Zhang Zengru, Zhang Tonghai and Cao Weiboat will be exhibited at the stands of the Shijiazhuang Orient Copper Relievo ART GALLERY ve TIANJIN POLYTECHNIC University.


Within the scope of Solo Shows, the special exhibitions of artists can be seen such as Tomur Atagök, Bubi, Devrim Erbil, Zarko Jakimovski, Marat Bekeyev and Ertuğrul Ates. Bubi and Bedri Baykam will meet art lovers within the scope of autograph sessions.
The ‘Misplace Child’ exhibition will be held as a social responsibility project for the first time in Turkey. The artist of the exhibition Ufuk Uyanık was a cartoonist in the ‘Gırgır’ humor magazine that has been living in London for many years. The exhibition tells the story of a Kurdish 3-year-old Syrian child named Alan Kurdi, whose lifeless body was found on the shore in Bodrum on 2 September 2015. The exhibition was held in in many places of London and Cambridge, UK and funded for refugee children.
The social responsibility projects of Lösev and ‘Portakal Çiçeği’ International Plastic Arts Colony will also take place at the fair. ‘Portakal Çiçeği’ International Plastic Arts Colony will bring together artists and children with special needs. Children and artists will paint together.
Interviews, conferences and workshops will be followed by art lovers within the scope of the fair for 4 days, which will be attended by important figures of Turkish contemporary art. There will be also music performances and live performances of IWS World President Atanur Doğan and Hikmet Çetinkaya will take place at the fair. The fashion show of Soie Design is inspired by the works of Poppy and the fashion show of Derya Yıldız is inspired by various artworks, which are combined art and fashion.
The scope of special projects of this year, contemporary art meets glass exhibition will be held by Odunpazarı Municipality Art Gallery, Cam Ocağı Foundation, Friends of Glass Group. ‘Refugee children and women speak with eyes. Common Language’ photography exhibition will also take place, which are taken right before the rescue operation of ISID by famous Iranian journalist and photographer Maryam Mazrooei in Mosul in 2016. The exhibition of “Ah, Ankara” is a project of sensitivity and awareness and prepared by Füsun Kavalcı, the exhibition of ‘Ah, Ankara’, is something we like to say we have suffered, we will or we should not about Ankara. ‘GREEN WAVE’ project will be presented by Alarm-Art as the main body of everything they will do to create a green wave in their art lives and to turn all the light and opportunities to the green and extinguish the red light to the friends who promised to keep a certain level in human relations, a certain speed and quality in production, for the artists who are looking for the channels of expressing themselves while waiting for it under the red light.
This year, visitors of ARTANKARA, can also visit the Mustafa Ayaz Museum, the Erimtan Museum, the Chess Museum, the Republic of Turkey Painting and Sculpture State Museum, Pink Mansion Ismet Inönü Muse House, the Evliyagil Museum, the Rahmi Koç Museum within the activities of the fair between the dates of 15-18 March 2018.

ARTANKARA will be the “meeting point” of citizens of Ankara for four days with the most exclusive examples of contemporary art and other activities. Buses will be departed from the fair area for visiting the museums and will be free with the fair entrance tickets.


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