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ARTANKARA 7th of International Contemporary Art Fair

ARTANKARA 7th of International Contemporary Art Fair

The 7th of ArtAnkara, which continuously has been organizing since 2015, will be held at ATO Congresium between March 29 and April 2 2021 as it always has been. If the weekend restrictions die out April 3rd will also be open. The art markets were negatively affected due to the pandemic announced on March 12 2020, as in all sectors. The sector has experienced the recession and tried to close the deficit with online platforms and partially physical activities.

ARTANKARA, last year’s last physical art fair, has the distinction of being the first fair of this year and our preparations intensively continues for the fair. All preparations have been made for measures that can be taken in accordance with the measures specified by the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Health.. The infrastructure of the measures such as disinfection, number of concurrent visitors, minimum contact transactions, etc. has been completed.

Workshops and conferences are planned in ARTANKARA, where national and international galleries, museums, universities, initiatives, projects and collectors will take place, just like every year. Valuable people will share their own knowledge and experience with each participant in these events. When the topics certain it will be announced on the web page and social media accounts of the fair.

ARTANKARA was visited by 51.700 art lovers in 2019, but last year it was visited by 18.500 people in 2020 due to pandemic. This year, 25-30.000 visitors are targeted and preparations continue in this direction.


PARADOX ; The subject of this year’s competition for university students…. Applications will be open until March 15 2021 and works will be evaluated by the selection committee. The top 10 works will be exhibited at the ARTCONTACT ISTANBUL Contemporary Art Fair to be held in Istanbul between 26-30 May 2021.

Surprise projects and collections that will attract the attention of art lovers will also take place in ArtAnkara Fair.

Nomination committee are meticulously continuing for traditional “Artist Honor Award”, “Corporate Honor Award” and “Honor Award for Contribution to Art.”

All art lovers are eagerly awaited to ARTANKARA will feature many more innovations and they will spend time in a hygienic place and safe environment.

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