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Art on a postcard Secret Auction 2016

Maddox Gallery 9 Maddox Street Mayfair London W1S 2QE

Maddox Gallery 9 Maddox Street Mayfair London W1S 2QE
Opens for viewing – 10 November 2016
Private View – 14 November 2016 6-9pm
Auction – 17 November 2016

The Hepatitis C Trust’s Art on a Postcard Secret Auction opens this November for its 3rd year at Maddox Gallery in Mayfair.


International household names including Grayson Perry, Maggie Hambling, Oliver Jeffers, Peter Blake, Harland Miller, Gilbert & George and a host of Royal Academicians such as Ken Howard RA, Mick Rooney RA, John Wragg RA, Rebecca Salter RA, Paul Huxley RA and Steven Farthing RA, as well as emerging talent are within the 400 plus postcard sized artworks up for auction. As always, proceeds from the auction will go towards the Hepatitis C Trust’s campaign to eliminate the virus as a major public health concern by 2030.


Bidders will be able to view the artworks in person at Maddox Gallery for one week ahead of the auction and online for the 3 weeks leading up to the auction. Art on a Postcard has partnered with Dreweatts & Bloomsbury Auctions to do a live webcast auction meaning it will be possible to watch the auction live as well as bid on-line on November 17th 2016.

The work will be anonymous until the auction has ended. This is a unique opportunity for both established and budding art collectors to get their hands on original works from world renowned artists.

At the start of this project in 2014, we were conscious to create something that was truly inclusive and engaging but that also was true to our current economic and political landscape. Postcard sized artwork does just that. Small works of art are a symbol of the austerity we have been living through, economical for our artists to make and our audience to buy, perfectly sized to fit easily onto the wall of a London apartment, and if none of the above, great, collectible, artworks in their own merit.’Gemma Peppe, Director of Art on A Postcard


Art on A Postcard is the fundraising arm of The Hepatitis C Trust. The Hepatitis C Trust is working towards eliminating hepatitis C in the UK by 2030. In 2015 our campaigning led to the Scottish Government committing to our program of elimination.

Art on a Postcard Website

Dan Brault, Łukasz Stokłosa, Adam Bridgland, Adam Crosland, Adam Dix, Alex Hanna, Alexander Johnson, Alice Leach , Alicia Rothman, Alison Pilkington, Allison Gildersleeve, Amy May George, Anastasya Martynova, Andre Pace, Andrew Galbraith, Andrew MacIntosh, Anita Klien, Anna Bunting-Branch, Anoushka Havinden, Becky Allen, Ben Oakley, Benjamin Murphy, Bennet Vadnais, Blake Daniels, Bob & Roberta Smith, Boo Mitford, Boo Sze Yang, Brad Downey, Brian Neish, Byzantia Harlow, Carl Moore, Carol Corell, Carol Hodder, Carys Evans, Ceal Warnants, Charles Thompson, Charlotte Evans, Chechu Alava, Chowwai Cheung, Chris Dawson, Daisy Cook, David Barrow, David Bray, David Brian Smith, David Harkins, David Lock, Day Bowman, Deborah Batt, Deborah MacMillan, Deirdre Hyde, Diana Anghel, Diego Cirulli , Donna McLean, Dr Darren Udaiyan, Duncan Grant, Edward Kelly, Ehryn Torrell, Eleanor Macnair, Eliza Southwood, Ella Guru, Emma Talbot, Enzo Marra, Erin Smith, Filippo Minelli, Fin DAC, Fiona Eastwood, Frank Fischer, Freya Pardue, Georgia Peskett, Georgina Allen, Giacomo Brunelli, Gideon Pain, Gilbert & George, Grayson Perry, Greg Rook, Guy Denning, Harland Miller, Harriet Horton, Henrietta Dubrey, Henrietta Paine, Hurvin Anderson, Ivana de Vivanco, Jamie Shovlin, Jance McCance, Jane Kelly, Janet Archer, Jasmine Surreal, Jeremy Deller, Jessica Stockholder, Jessica Wilson, Jimmy Mezei, Jirapat Tatsanasomboon, Jo Oakley, Jochem Gerz, John Kørner, John Wragg, Jonathon Coudrille, Joyce Kozloff, Julian Brown, Julie Umerle, Kate Sherman, Katie Commodore, Ken Grant, Ken Howard RA, Kim Baker, Kim Dingle, Kirsty O’Leary, Levalet, Lois Wallace, Maggi Hambling CBE, Mandy Payne, Marc Freeman, Marion Archer, Mark D, Mary Webb, Matthew David Smith, Matthew Krishanu, Max Renneisen, Meirion Ginsberg, Melanie Miller, Melissa Scott-Miller, Mhairi McGregor, Michael Fanta, Mick Rooney RA, Mike Ballard, Mit Senoj, Nadine Talalla, Natalie Dowse, Nathan Jones, Natso Seki, Neil McNally, Neil Pittaway, Nicholas Blanning, Nicholas Middleton, Nicholas Pace, Nick Bridson Baker, Nicolas Hely Hutchinson, Nicola Stäglich, NS Harsha, Oliver Jeffers, Oliver Marsden, Otto D’Ubra, Patrick Hughes, Paul Critchley, Paul Fryer, Paul Insect, Paul Newman, Paula Macarthur, Peter Arscott, Peter Blake RA, Phil Illingworth, Phil Shaw (MARCA), Philip Nicol, Philip Sutton RA, Pippa Blake, Pippa Gatty, Plum Neasmith, Polly Abfelbaum, Pure Evil, Racheal Read, Rachel McDonnell, Rachel Tighe, Ray Richardson, Rebecca McLynn, Rebecca Salter RA, Robert Dukes, Robert Fry, Rodney Peppe, Romina Ressia, Rosie Emerson, Rowan Newton, Russell Marshall, Scarlett Carlos Clarke, Sean Williams, Sequin Kaye, Simon Mathewson (3D Cubes), Stephen Farthing RA, Steven Marshall, Steven Quinn, Stuart Pearson Wright, Stuart Semple, Susan Gunn, Susie Hamilton, Terry Greene, The Singh Twins, Tim Ellis, Tim Nobel, Tinsel Edwards, Tom Palin, Toni Cogdell, Tooney Phillips, Trevor Price, Trudy Montgomery, Twinkle Troughton, Tyler Stone, Vanessa Gardiner, Wendy Elia, William Wilkins, Xenz (Greame Brusby), Zachary Beer, Tristan Schoonraad (Schoony), Martyn Brewster, Nici Bungey, Fionn Wilson, Frances Blane, Eelus, Remi Rough and Adam Koukoudakis.

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