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Art on a Postcard at Moniker Art Fair 2016 6-9th October at Old Truman Brewery

Art on a Postcard raises money for The Hepatitis C Trust.

The Hepatitis C Trust’s Art on a Postcard is back for its second year at Moniker with postcards and customised car bonnets.

The Postcard Lottery was a huge hit at last year’s Moniker Art Fair and sold out before the end. The lottery gives visitors the chance to own an original artwork by one of the many world renowned artists involved. By purchasing a £50 lottery ticket you are guaranteed to win a postcard size work of art from the likes of Paul Insect, Pure Evil, Eelus, Harland Miller, Peter Blake, Ally McIntyre, Brad Downey, Zsofia Schweger, and Rugman.

On the Art on a Postcard stand there will also be customised car bonnets by Jake and Dinos Chapman and Bob and Roberta Smith. Five hundred £25 lottery tickets will be made available for the chance to own one of these unique works of art, giving the lottery ticket holders a one in two hundred and fifty chance of owning artwork by major British contemporary artist.


Launched in 2014, Art on a Postcard raises money for the Hepatitis C Trust. To date it has garnered the support of more than 700 artists including David Shrigley, Damian Hirst, Grayson Perry as well as urban art from Xenz, Ben Eine, Hush and Pure Evil, all of whom have created tiny, original works exclusively for The Trust.

Using art as a vehicle to raise awareness can be very powerful. By joining forces with Moniker we can reach a demographic who otherwise may never engage with the charity and save lives as a result.”Gemma Peppé, Director of Art on a Postcard

Tickets for the Bonnet Lottery will be available online at www.artonapostcard.com on Monday 22nd September and at Moniker Art Fair.
Tickets for the Postcard Lottery will be available online at www.artonapostcard.com on Monday 3rd October and at Moniker Art Fair.


Hush | Aaron Kinnane | Abner Harris | Adam Koukoudakis | Aga Gieko | Allyson Mcintyre | Amber Anderson | Andrew Millar | Anka Dabrowska | Antony McEwan (Rugman) | Becci J Atkinson | Benjamin Murphy | Brad Downey | Brie Harrison | Broken Fingaz | Carrie Reichardt | Catalina Villegas | Ceal Warnants | Chowwai Cheung | Dan Kitchener (DANK) | Daniel Mernagh | David Wightman | Delphine Lebourgeois | Dolores de Sade | Doodle Man | Dr Darren Udaiyan | Eelus | Ellennah Sadkin | Eltono | EMIC (Eoin McGinn) | Emma Russell | Erica Wexler | Frea Buckler | Germes Gang | Gilbert & George | Greg Harris | Guglielmo Alfarone | ID-IOM | Inkie | Jack Teagle | Janet Milner | Jim Moir | Joakim Allgulander | Joe Webb | Kareena Zerefos | Karen Thomas | Kate Knight | Keith Haynes | Kim Clayton-Jones | Kristian Jones | Louise McNaught | Lucy Gough | Lulu Kitololo | Magnus Gjoern | Marc McLure | Marcus Davies | Mr Smith | Nathan Evans | Olf de Bruin | Otto Schade | Pam Glew | Peter Blake | Phil Shaw (MARCA) | Piotr Karpinski | Pure Evil | Richard Levine | Robert Hunter | Robert James Clarke | Rupert Newman | Russell Marshall | Sam Peacock | Schoony | Shuby | Simon Mathewson | Simone Lia | SIX1SIX (616) | Stinkfish | Susie Hamilton | The Krah | Thomas Dowdeswell | Tom Lewis | Toonpunk | Vicky Scott | Zsofia Schweger | Paul Critchley | Alison Scott | Fionn Wilson | Daisy | Ray Richardson | Ben Oakley | Charles Thompson | Toni Cogdell | Sean Williams | Duncan Grant

Art on a Postcard raises money for The Hepatitis C Trust.

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