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Rob Grad

Originally I thought this would be a quick little project. But once I sat down to write, the words gathered steam. They came out sharp. Direct. And crystal clear. I realized what I was writing was more like a manifesto. Then I got inspired to make artwork as visual commentary on the text, and I was off and running.

As a teenager, I was introduced to art and music, and they were a revelation for me. They gave me the opportunity to not only express myself, but to connect with other people at a time when I wasn’t able to in any other meaningful way.

Art gave me hope. It inspired me.

Today art is being cut from schools. The government continues to slash funding. And it’s viewed by many as a luxury and commodity. And yet, art, and the creativity involved in creating it, are resources we need now more than ever.

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I hope this book heightens your awareness and appreciation of all the art that surrounds us on a daily basis, deepens your experience with art, and helps you recognize and appreciate your own natural creativity in a new way.

Rob Grad

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