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Prominent Israeli Artist Takes This Year’s Venice Art Biennale by Storm

Ariela Wertheimer

With the 57 th annual Venice Art Biennale coming to a close, one prominent Israeli-born artist is looking back on her first year exhibiting at Biennale, while also looking forward to her upcoming global exhibits.

In partnership with The Farkash Gallery, Ariela Wertheimer made her debut at Venice Art Biennale this year. While Ariela had previously displayed her pieces at various showings, this was the artist’s first time showcasing her work at the world-renowned art exhibition in Venice.

This year at Biennale, Ariela presented her awe-inspiring “Jaffa Venice Light Boxes,” curated by Aaron Farkash of The Farkash Gallery in Tel Aviv. The light boxes are designed through the combination of metal, lighting, photographs, painting and print on plexiglass. This innovative use of artistic elements creates a series of works and portraits of spectacularly depicted people in light boxes.

Describing they exhibit, Ariela Wertheimer noted, the Jaffa Light Boxes are “optic experiences of a visual system, giving the onlooker a humane and personal experience which doesn’t allow any room for indifference.”

Ariela’s solo exhibition at Biennale is located at the Palazzo Mora in the “Personal Structures” area through late October and is being hosted by the European Cultural Center.

Following Biennale, Ariela is looking forward to an upcoming exhibit in Miami, Florida and also Hong Kong.

Ariela Wertheimer – a multidisciplinary artist: Ariela was born in Israel in 1957. Lives and works in Israel and has been drawing and photographing for the past 20 years. She began painting amateurly at a young age in Nehariya guided by the teacher Hemey Gal. In 1975, she studied being an X-Ray technician at Rambam Hospital in Haifa. In 1977, she enlisted in the Israeli Armed Forces and served for 12 years. In 1990, she studied painting and sculpture studies at Oranim Art College. In 1997, she begins painting consecutively and begins showing her work in group exhibitions.

In 2013, Ariela moved from the quiet suburb of Caesarea to the bustling city of Tel Aviv. The city invigorated her with the energy to create, photograph, and paint at an urban rhythm. Fences, construction metals, faces, personal stories of people and neon lights created together a combinations of urban art – a type of pop art which is young and fresh. The pace of the city didn’t frighten her but strengthened her and allowed her to soar to new heights.

In 2015, Ariela opened her studio on Kibbutz Galuyot Street in the industrial area of Tel Aviv. And in 2016, she opened an exclusive exhibition at the Farkash Gallery called “The Freedom to Let Go” Light Boxes. In May 2017, Ariela will exhibit in the Vienna Biennale in Venice at the Palazzo Mora hosted by the European Cultural Center.

Ariela Wertheimer
Photographs courtesy of The Farkash Gallery
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