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Anne-Laure Cano – Before the Silence

An exhibition on memories and loss

Venue: New Designers
52 Upper St, The Angel, London N1 0QH
Dates: 26-29 June 2019

London based French artist Anne-Laure Cano will be showing at One Year In within the New Designers’ show in London from 26th to 29th June. The pieces on show, Intriguing abstract sculptures in ceramics, are from the series Before the Silence. Cano’s work examines the theme of exile and how we respond to emotional experiences such as memories, loss and sense of belonging.

Maurice Merleau-Ponty wrote: We should be sensitive to the thread of silence from which the tissue of speech is woven. As we navigate an everyday life that encourages us to shout the loudest, to be seen and listened to, Before the Silence is a plea to listen to the silenced ones and a plea for empathy. The pieces prompt us to probe how we respond to our own legacy and memories and those silent negotiations with our past that shape who we are.

Cano’s work attempts to find an alternative approach to clay at the intersection of design, art and crafts. The pieces are made of many hidden details that surprise and capture attention. The layers reveal themselves to the viewer with time. It mixes familiar domestic details and memories, with indecipherable ones. The final pieces look like debris of something gone, fragments demanding to be listened to before it is too late, and they are gone.

Selected for the One Year In, upcoming New Designers 2019 exhibition and the Wells Contemporary Art Awards, Cano has additionally shown at the New Ashgate Gallery in Farnham, Cockpit Arts, London Bluecoat Display Centre, Liverpool in 2018 and as part of the Venice Vending Machine – Edition 5, The Artist Within, Branching Out’ – in the context of the 57th Venice Biennale 2017.

Anne-Laure Cano

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