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Anja Olofgörs’ installation in “The Captive Body” exhibition at The Norman Rea Gallery in York (UK)

“The Captive Body” exhibition curated by Kalina Kossowska. Artists: Anja Olofgörs, Rafal Olbinski, Oliver Sewell, Joe Cruz

The Norman Rea Gallery
Derwent College, University of York
Heslington, York
YO10 5DD, United Kingdom

The Norman Rea Gallery

“The Captive Body”, curated by Kalina Kossowska.

This is a multi-media exhibition featuring a video installation by Anja Olofgörs, prints by Joe Cruz and Oliver Sewell, graphics and posters by Rafal Olbinski. The artists experiment with different representations of the female body which they see as repressed, controlled and confined. This concerns not only the physicality of the body, but also the identity and sexuality.

Anja Olofgörs, stills from Repetition of Acts, video, 2.12 min loop, 2017:

Anja Olofgörs’ installation at The Norman Rea Gallery in York (UK) was comprised of three videos: one featured a visualised poem—whose voice-over could be heard throughout the space—and the other two reconfigured archived footage from 1930s newsreels. Collectively, they explored early twentieth-century cultural approaches to the body and their relationship to physical fosterage through repetitive bodily movements.

At another exhibition at the SapientRazorfish in London (UK), Olofgörs presented two Works that deal with historical documents, revealing concealed socio-political nuances. One featured Queen Christina, a text-piece about the 17th century Queen regnant of Sweden, around whom myths of gender ambiguity and sexuality circulated. Another piece, I am being Birgit Åkesson, takes an archival photograph of the pioneering contemporary Swedish dancer Birgit Åkesson and turns her rigid posture into a video in which the artist mimics this movement.

Olofgörs’ Works navigate through gestures, representations and myths, and seek to excavate issues of feminism, intimacy and objectification. Her projects alternate between books, videos, printed matter, collaborative performances, readings and installations.

Olofgörs is originally from Stockholm, but currently lives and works in London. She graduated from the Slade School of Fine Art with an MFA in 2015. She has exhibited at: SapientRazorfish, London (2017) The Norman Rea Gallery, York (2017); Oral Rinse, London (2016); Bond House Projects, London (2016); Slade Show, London (2015); Royal Vauxhall Tavern, London (2015); Gallery@LR, London (2015); SITE, Stockholm (2014); Centrum for Photography, Stockholm (2013); Röds Sten, Gothenburg (2013); and Galleri Monitor, Gothenburg (2013) among others. In 2014 she organised a residency in Stockholm where she invited UK based artists to SITE: Production Building for Performative Art. Olofgörs have received grants and awards from Längmanska Stiftelsens kulturfond (2016), Peter & Betty McLean Memorial Prize (2015), William Coldstream Prize (2015), Barto dos Santos Memorial Award (2015), Carl Larsson Foundation (2013) and Otto & Charlotte Mannheimer Foundation (2013, 2012). She was shortlisted for the Rome Scholarship at the Royal Society of British Artists (2015) and is represented in UCL Art Museum’s collection.

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