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“And Then It Becomes” a new collection of sculpture by Corey Scillian

Friday, August 21, 2020 6:00 PM –
Tuesday, October 13, 2020 7:00 PM

When you mention works in clay mugs, bowls and tea pots may come to mind, but Corey Scillian breaks that mold.  River’s Edge Gallery is opening a show of Corey’s new figurative works of clay this month on at its downtown Wyandotte location at 3024 Biddle.  The display will be available for viewing August 21st until  October 13th.

Corey Scillian

Corey’s long standing relationship with the gallery began seven years ago when she met Gallery Director Jeremy Hansen at a “pop up” version of the gallery in Detroit.  Corey was one of three women who collaborated with Jeremy on the Fire, Water, Breathe show at River’s Edge. With support and encouragement from Patt Slack(gallery founder) and Jeremy, She then led a team on a large installation for the Wyandotte Art Fair in 2015.  The piece, titled Wish Rocket, is now in the permanent collection of the City of Wyandotte.

Corey’s new show at River’s Edge is a much more personal one according Patt Slack.  “I had talked to Corey several times while she was contemplating and executing pieces for this exhibit.  Like many times when an artist is really putting it out there, intertwining the work with their feelings, their ups and downs, their life, it was not easy.  I remember at one moment when she was going to give up and just not do it.” Patt also added that not only was this personal, it was challenging, using this medium in such a large and realistic way.

The figure has become prime interest for Corey and it is reflected in the nearly 20 works that comprise the show. Most recently she explored the figure further during a residency last year at Watershed Center for the Ceramic Arts in Maine, and live studio sculpting with the Detroit Figure Club.

The process of creating this show, And then, it Becomes, is described by the artist as ”Experiences, observations, relationships, and a call to action,  intended for viewing, but created in solitude. The path, the pilgrimage, the continuum, the sum, the culmination, a body of work. It begins with a thought, a feeling, an inclination, an instinct, and then, it becomes.”

Corey goes on to explain pieces in the show.  “They are an examination of the human animal experience explored in a soft palette but asking harder questions about topics from the personal to the political, like the act of forgiving yourself in Relinquish, or examining the hotly debated topics of today in Tea Party I & II.” Hansen adds, “This newer series by Corey Scillian has been such a joy to see as each new piece sprouts from the last, whether a sweet mystical bunny creature or a large bust of her husband Devin. There is something magical about Corey when you meet her and the same goes with her work and sincere magical imagination.”  He also talked about the difficulty of executing this show.

“If you know anything about working with kiln and ceramics there is not only the amount of hours and work involved in the sculpting of the clay but then firing in the kiln where many things can go wrong. When it does it is a devastating blow. However this is the life of a ceramicist and Corey handles her lumps and has stood the test and created a dynamic series!”

Due to COVID19 the gallery has limited hours. Only 10 people at a time will be allowed in the gallery and masks and social distancing will be required.  Reservations for individuals and small groups to view privately are available.

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