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All Can Be Frida

In collaboration with “All Can Be Frida” Project and The Artists’ Pool

Espacio Gallery
159 Bethnal Green Rd., London E2 7DG
22 August – 2 September 2018
Private View – 23 August 6-9pm

Camila Fontenele – “All can be Frida” Project

Frida Kahlo is celebrated for many things outside of her artistic talent. One aspect of her life and character that has brought about waves of admiration and adoration, is her openness around female sexuality. Her modern attitudes towards sexuality and her ability to openly explore them within her life and work have solidified her status as an icon among artists in the LGBTQ community.

Kim Thornton

Her ideas surrounding sexuality wove themselves into her art in various ways and led her to explore themes of infertility, sexual pleasure and her tumultuous relationship with her husband, Diego Rivera. Outside of her work, her attitude towards love was refreshing—she disregarded the limitations of gender and instead let herself be attracted to the creative spirits of both men and women.

While Kahlo’s openness was still relatively rare to be seen so publically, this isn’t the only reason why she has become an icon within the LGBTQ community. To explore the impact she has had, we speak to three contemporary artists who discuss what drew them to Frida, how she became an icon in their eyes and why she remains so relevant today.


I Can Be Frida. You Can Be Frida. Everyone Can Be Frida!

Artists expressing individual stories through their art, channelling the spirit of Frida Kahlo. Transmitting her strength, her fearless attitude with which she approach her lust for life, her art and the enduring power that led her to overcome injury, illness and heartbreak.

Participating Artists:

Camila Fontenele – “All can be Frida” Project

Adam Lucy

Amelia Durie

Amir M. Ghasemizadeh

Anila Hussain

Audrey Kirk

Bel Shaw

Cheryl Gould MRSS

Christine R. Bay

David Abse

Diane Maclean

Diana Savova

Eleanor Manners

Estelle Grandidier

Farnoush Amini

Fatma Huseyin

Ija Broka

Jim McLean

Juliana Lauletta

Kim Thornton

Laura Bello

Laurence Cammas

Linda Brown

Linda Burrows

Lisa Kreuziger

Lynda McDonald

Lynne Dobson

Maria Emilov

Marianne Springham

Marife Nunez

Mark Pol

Massimo Onnis

Maxim Wakultschik

Nicola Weir

Naoko Takata 


Sally Hewett

Seema Manchanda

Shân Monteith-Mann

Sneh Mehta

Wendy Tuffin


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