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Group exhibition “Alienation”

27th-30th October
5th Base Gallery

When: 27th-30th October
Where: 5th Base Gallery
23 Heneage St, London E1 5LJ

Admission Free

screaming-insideMary Rouncefield, Screaming Inside

is often referred to as a ‘modern disease’; a by-product of industrialisation and urbanisation and mainly experienced by the city dweller. As a female city dweller I have tended to focus on the experiences of women in urban society. Bombarded by media images of the ‘perfect woman’ who is slim, young and looks wonderful whatever she is doing, many women feel unable to live up to these cultural expectations. They often feel alienated from their own bodies and may have low self-esteem as a consequence. However our society still sees anxiety, depression, and mental illness as signs of weakness and a calm exterior needs to be presented at all times. The pieces I am submitting all attempt to portray the inner turmoil of the alienated, tormented individual who dare not speak out.

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