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Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas Airport hosts the exhibition Women and Digital Art by the artist Houda Bakkali

The exhibition corridor of Terminal T2 of Madrid’s International Airport is filled with color with the artworks of artist Houda Bakkali. “Women and Digital Art” consists of 30 large-format canvases, based on digital illustration, digital collage and acrylic; animated versions applying augmented reality. It will be available until November 3.

Women have always been an essential part of Houda Bakkali’s work. The artist herself points out: “the figure of the woman is inspired by my mother, in her serene and joyful vision of life. Her figure represents the ideal of beauty, elegant, shrouded in mystery, but at the same time powerfully passionate and transgressive. It is a privilege to be able to exhibit thirty canvases that represent a tribute to women through digital art. I am very grateful to AENA, the world’s leading airport operator, for giving my artwork a privileged setting. Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas Airport is a unique place to democratize art and bring it closer to the public. Also a perfect setting to show people my creative process through innovative and fun concepts such as augmented reality. Without a doubt, it is the most exciting exhibition I have done in my entire career.” declares the artist.

The emancipation of Arab women is an absolute protagonist. The digital technique is the second pillar on which this exhibition is based. For Houda Bakkali “digital tools offer a lot of versatility, the composition and recreation possibilities are endless.

Houda Bakkali has been selected for the first Web3 artist initiative by the US magazine TIME. In addition, her work has been awarded internationally in cities such as New York, London, Paris or Cannes.


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