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Adiosfobia by Octavio Martinez


We want to show you an artwork series “Adiosfobia” of the emerging Mexican artist Octavio Martinez.

Let the stars fall

I was born and raised in the city of eternal spring (Cuernavaca), Photography has been a very important part of my life. At thirteen he went through a depression after the death of a loved one and a few years later. I would be discovering that only photography could help me express my feelings. I enclose my photographs in a frame that reminds us of a dream, I find beauty in death and cruelty. my photograph is very intimate and personal since the scenes are inspired by feelings and experiences, In memories that were not completed for some reason and that I give a definite closure in my work. my work is also inspired by mental disorders and cruelty in a beautiful and touching way. death is present in each of my scenes and invites us to have eternal sleep, because eternity is just as cruel as death.Octavio Martinez
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