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acting balance[d]; Spilt Milk Members Show ‘21

Thursday, 25 November 2021 07:45
Friday, 31 December 2021 22:55

above: ‘New World Order’ by Michelle Gallagher, 2021, Stoneware clay, transparent glaze, gold luster

Acting balance[d] brings together 30 contemporary artists to consider what it means to be a mother and artist in the current climate.

Responding to the words ‘Balance, Pressure, Centred’ the selected works explore the artists’ unique experiences of navigating the duality of Mother and Artist roles in life, art and all that is in between. Humorous, confronting and questioning, the show touches on themes of mental health, the mythic and the contextualisation of self in society.

What does it mean to try and negotiate the balance of our responsibilities? What value do we place on maintaining an equilibrium? What really is realistic?


Introduction by Beckie Upton.

acting balance[d] brings together a selection of work that reflects on the meanings of the words ‘Balance-Centred-Pressure’. Through the process of making and thinking, the artists question what it is to achieve, maintain and strive for balance, amidst the pressures, both external and internal to live up to the impossible myths of mother/parent-hood; the elusive, saintly vision of the serene and centred 21st century womxn, at peace with her/their many roles.
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