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“Across Portrait” by Ilario Caliendo

“Across Portrait” is a photographic reportage realized with the crowdsourcing campaigns on the Microworker, Rapidworker and Amazon Mechanical Turk sites. The so-called workers who satisfied my requirements were invited to send me, for a paltry fee of $ 0.10, a photo of one of their x-ray of any part of their body. Sellers, all born in 1986 after the Chernobyl disaster in the areas affected by radioactive fallout, give me -the buyer- their “body”, in this case in the form of X-rays, as they did at the time with far worse consequences.

across portrait

“Across Portrait” project Ilario Caliendo Website

Ilario Caliendo tries to analyze the quirks and phobias of contemporary social life, with an ‘eye to the abuse of the network and the addiction on social media. His works investigate various areas such as copyright, new art forms, trash, strange things and visual hallucinations. His approach recalls the poetic and activist hacker traditional attitude using irony as a means of reflection.

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