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Art Reveal Magazine is dedicated to promote and publish independent artists from all countries and all genres of visual art. Each issue of the magazine will present several contemporary artist portfolios and their artistic statments. Interviews and articles will help artists to promote their works to a broad publicity.

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Thanks, for your attention and the publication of the interview in Art Reveal. Everything is correct and I hope to inform you about future projects. (…) Continue in this line promoting creativity and art, and wish you a future of great success.Eduardo, Spain Artist
Since we last spoke my life and career as exploded. I would like to think that being in Art Reveal as contributed to this turn of events…Julie, USA Artist
The magazine look great! Thank you again for having myself featured in this issue. It’s a great opportunity for me to share my work on a larger platform. Josh, UK Artist

(…) since my publication in your magazine I have received proposals in art galleries. Europe and USA and to be in groups of artists. I am infinitely grateful to you. When I have exhibitions this year, it will be in May and June, I will warn you Stéphane, Belgium Artist


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