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62nd issue

Houda Bakkali, Ernest Compta Llinàs, Dane Cory, Mark Dalderup, Chao Ding, Kaushik Dolui, Jiawei Fu, Sung Mi Hwang, Nuria González Alcaide, Marco Jacconi, Kris Kang, Ruslana Levandovska, Ricardo Miguel Hernández, Sydney Roberts, Gjert Rognli, Christopher Whytal, Seongmin Yoo

In this issue, we are featuring Houda Bakkali’s digital art. Then we have Marco Jacconi from Switzerland, who loves to express his spiritual sphere by painting amazing abstractions. Ernest Compta Llinàs, an architect, who loves to create extraordinary paintings. Dane Cory has shared some of his abstraction with us. Mark Dalderup is showcasing a unique form of art— Pop surrealism. Kaushik Dolui, creates interesting art expanding on the ideas of breaking boundaries in photography. Nuria González Alcaide, a self-taught artist, presented her abstract painting. Another artist we feature is Chao Ding from the USA, whose touching paintings take us through a journey of his experiences. Jiawei Fu as an artist sees relationships around her and has used egg yolk to create some unique scenarios. Sung Mi Hwang’s fascinating art is inspired by opposites: life and death, black and white, visible and invisible and inside and outside. We have also featured Kris Kang from Australia and his amazing watercolours in this issue. From Canada, we have Ruslana Levandovska featuring her paintings that reflect her sensibility and passion to the world around. Then we have Oslo (Norway) based artist Gjert Rognli, presenting his stunning interdisciplinary art in landscapes. We also feature Ricardo Miguel Hernández from Cuba, who works in photography and tell us about his inspiration as an artist. Sydney Roberts is a USA based artist who describes her artwork as metaphysical. Christopher Whytal is an internationally featured photographer based in USA, in his infinite photographs narrates a story using the light painting. And finally, we are featuring Seongmin Yoo’s incredible art that is definitely going to touch you.

We are grateful for your response and the wonderful art we are getting from all around the world.


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