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50th issue – It’s Art Reveal time!

Jasmine Collings, Liam Collins, Audrey Kay Dowling, Martha Ellis, Qi Fang, Sandra Gea, Angelica Guerrero, Stuart Jones, Patricia Figueiredo, Mark Lloyd, Carmel Louise, Thomas Pettis, Brandon Saunders, Ben Snowden, Tansy Tester, Frances Willoughby, O. Yemi Tubi

This year marks a significant milestone for Art Reveal Magazine: we celebrate 50th issue with you, out on Thursday 21st November. We are beyond proud and thrilled to have reached this edition. We had a great time sharing with you so many artist stories. In this special issue of Art Reveal Magazine, we present artists with their influences and stories behind the fabulous artworks: Jasmine Collings (UK), Liam Collins (UK), Audrey Kay Dowling (USA), Martha Ellis (UK), Qi Fang (UK/China), Sandra Gea (France/Greece), Angelica Guerrero (Mexico/UK), Stuart Jones (UK), Patricia Figueiredo (Brasil), Mark Lloyd (UK), Carmel Louise (Australia), Thomas Pettis (UK), Brandon Saunders (UK), Ben Snowden (UK), Tansy Tester (UK), Frances Willoughby (UK), O. Yemi Tubi (Nigeria/UK)
Plus the fresh news from Torino’s “Tree Time” exhibition, curated by Daniela Berta and Andrea Lerda.

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