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48th issue

Giovanni Armenio, Aurélie Crisetig, Dominique Dève, Michele Farinelli, Nina Fraser, Evagelia Hagikalfa, Maria Letsiou, Cameron Lings, Katie McGuire, Stacie McCormick, Nemo Nonnenmacher, Laura Obon, Georgina Ottaway, Frank Vescio

In the 48th issue of Art Reveal Magazine we encourage you to read the interviews with following contemporary artists:
Giovanni Armenio (Italy), Aurélie Crisetig (Switzerland), Dominique Dève (France), Michele Farinelli (Italy), Nina Fraser (UK), Evagelia Hagikalfa (Greece/UK), Maria Letsiou (Greece), Cameron Lings (UK), Katie McGuire (UK), Stacie McCormick (USA/UK), Nemo Nonnenmacher (Germany/UK), Laura Obon (Spain/UK), Georgina Ottaway (UK), Frank Vescio (Canada/France)

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