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47th issue

Alesha Art, Emma Balder, Houda Bakkali, Natalie Christensen, Freddy D´azure-Hernández, Peter Davis, Luca Fontana, Rodrigo Franzão, Larry Goode, Cory Graham, Stephanie McGowan, James Paddock, Olga Pastekova, Timo Ryhänen, Gabrielle Shannon, Katrina Tracuma, Briahna Wenke, Stéphane Vereecken, Kim Youdan

It’s that time again: time for the new issue! Inside you can find some information about the PYLON project by James Paddock, article “The colors of happiness” by Houda Bakkali who is well known to our readers, and of course interviews with the following contemporary artists:
Alesha Art (Russia), Emma Balder (USA), Natalie Christensen (USA), Freddy D´azure-Hernández (Mexico), Peter Davis (UK), Luca Fontana (Brazil), Rodrigo Franzão (Brazil), Larry Goode (USA), Cory Graham (USA), Stephanie McGowan (UK), Olga Pastekova (Slovakia), Timo Ryhänen (Finland), Gabrielle Shannon (USA), Katrina Tracuma (Ireland), Briahna Wenke (USA), Stéphane Vereecken (Belgium), Kim Youdan (UK)

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