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46th issue

Valentina Baicuianu, Andrea Dankova, Regina Dmytryshyna, Snow Dollkinson, Mariangela Gallo, Julia Hadji-Stylianou, LECH, Troy Lecointe, Alex Manea, Brittany Minnes, Johnny Otto, Kerstin Paillard, Nez Sweetlove, Anett Udud, Josh Talbott, Fu Wenjun, Richard Young

In the new issue of Art Reveal Magazine, out on Wednesday 24 April, there’s a substantial selection of artistic personalities. We have highlighted Josh Talbott who is a self-taught artist who started his toy painting series in 2005. We present you an “Otto vs Basquiat” article by Charlie Anison and once again you can experience the work of artist Fu Wenjun from China. Next, you can meet the following artists who use their talent and skills to express themselves:

Valentina Baicuianu (Romania), Andrea Dankova (Austria), Regina Dmytryshyna (Spain), Snow Dollkinson (USA), Mariangela Gallo (UK), Julia Hadji-Stylianou (UK), LECH (Puerto Rico), Troy Lecointe (USA), Alex Manea (Romania), Brittany Minnes (USA), Kerstin Paillard (France), Nez Sweetlove (UK), Anett Udud (Ireland), Josh Talbott (USA), Richard Young (UK).

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