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The December issue of Art Reveal Magazine is out now! Artists inside: Houda Bakkali (Spain), Jeff Bartels (Canada), Bianca Berends (Curacao), Jason B Bernard (Spain), Jan Bernstein (Germany), Emma Coyle (UK), Mike Fullarton (Poland), Kip Harris (Canada), Cecilia Martinez (USA), Phillip McConnell (USA), Slawomir Milewski (Poland/UK), Thekla Papadopoulou (Cyprus), Bette Ridgeway (USA), Emily Robards (Ireland), Walid Saidi (USA), Xunzhi Sun (USA), Bob Tomolillo (USA), Anita Zotkina (USA) & Paul Pouvreau (France). We also featured Wasim Zaid Habashneh (Kingdom of Jordan) with his FluoreSAND collection.

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  1. Nova Shandi says:

    Loved the cover page and all the articles inside, such a great insight

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