Issue Here is the 43rd issue!

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Here is the 43rd issue, where you can find interviews and artworks of following artists: Srishti Bahl (India), Sarah Jane Brown (UK), Jessica Leigh (USA), Israel Medrano (USA), Marina Mika (Germany/Croatia), Yukiko Nakashima (USA), Viral Padiya (USA), Valérie Rey (France/Costa Rica), Shelley Rothenburger (Canada), Edna Carla Stradioto (Brasil). Also there is a short mention about artist John Paul Fauves and a second part of article by Severine Grosjean (France) about The Nomad Creative Projects with Irina Dora (Romania), Kaliya Kalacheva (Bulgaria), Kristi Kongi (Estonia) & Matuska aka Masker (Czech Republic)

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