Issue 42nd issue

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Norma Alonzo (USA), Leonor Anthony (USA), Parul Bouvart (France), Darina Georgieva (Spain/Bulgaria), Mary H. (China/Sweden), Yami International (France), Joe Karlovec (USA), Hugh Kerr (Australia), Mario Loprete (Italy), Lopez Marcos (Ireland), Tommaso Panzeri (Italy), Catherine Eaton Skinner (USA), Timka Szőke (Hungary), Gilles Tarabiscuité (Canada), Neal Taylor (USA), Talita Zaragoza (Brazil/USA) & Brandy Saturley (Canada) as a featured artist.
Also inside you can find the article by Severine Grosjean (France) about The Nomad Creative Projects with Guilherme Peters (Brazil), Interface (Ireland), Varvara & Mar (Estonia).

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  1. Anne says:

    You can find the information about “The Nomad Creative Projects” at 4-10 pages.

  2. I did not find information about the Nomad Project. I am living a nomadic artist life since 1989

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