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39th issue

Verity Adriana, Myrto Amorgianou, JMC Anderson, Aliette Bretel, Lorraine Cleary, Aleksandra Dabrowska, Marcelle – Mad Mudslinger, Lisa Kuglitsch, Milena Raczkowska, Eleonora Scalise, Bianca Severijns, Maja Spasova, Fiona Stanbury, Stavroula Spyrou & Boris Beja

Magazine’s new cover features an artwork “Sister Litay” created by Bianca Severijns (Image courtesy Sigal Kolton). Inside you can find some information about the project: Die Grüne created by Boris Beja, an article written by Alenka Trebušak, and the interviews with the following contemporary artists:

Verity Adriana (UK), Myrto Amorgianou (Greece), JMC Anderson (UK), Aliette Bretel (Peru/UK), Lorraine Cleary (Ireland), Aleksandra Dabrowska (UK), Marcelle – Mad Mudslinger (Canada), Lisa Kuglitsch (Tha Netherlands), Milena Raczkowska (UK), Eleonora Scalise (UK), Bianca Severijns (Israel), Maja Spasova (UK), Fiona Stanbury (UK), Stavroula Spyrou (UK)

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