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The brand new 38th issue is out now.

Damaris Athene, Francesca Badea, KA Bird, James Blamires, Francesca Busca, Anthony D Kelly, Julie De Abreu, David Dunne, Jessica Goodwin, Jessica Grady, David F. Heatwole, Catherine Hellsten & Jon Rees, Simona Ledl, Jawbone Jawbone, Tahira Noreen, James Paddock, Szilvia Ponyiczki, Emma Walker & Francesca Busca

The brand new 38th issue is out now. It features photography by Emma Walker on the cover, an invitation for the Little Things exhibition by Francesca Busca and of course you’ll find many extraordinary contemporary artists:

Damaris Athene (UK), Francesca Badea (Romania), KA Bird (UK), James Blamires (UK), Anthony D Kelly (Ireland), Julie De Abreu (Portugal), David Dunne (Ireland), Jessica Goodwin (UK), Jessica Grady (UK), David F. Heatwole (USA), Catherine Hellsten & Jon Rees (USA), Simona Ledl (Austria), Jawbone Jawbone (UK), Tahira Noreen (Paklistan), James Paddock (UK), Szilvia Ponyiczki (UK), Emma Walker (UK) & Francesca Busca (UK)

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