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12/2017 (35)

Danielle van Ameijde, Bambi, Frederick Bamfo, Sepideh Behrouzian, Ana Maria Butnaru, Katya Fialkova, Josh Huxham, Ulrik Mikkelsen, Naoko Morisawa, Andrea Saltini, Maria Santi, Gemma Schiebe, S. von Puttkammer, Manny Rocca

Here is 35th issue, It is not to be missed. This month we are very happy and excited to share with you one very special interview with Bambi the extremely talented street artist from London (by Lula Valletta)! Furthermore, you can find interviews and artworks of following artists: Danielle van Ameijde (the Netherlands), Frederick Bamfo (Ghana), Sepideh Behrouzian (Iran), Ana Maria Butnaru (Romania), Katya Fialkova (Germany), Josh Huxham (UK), Ulrik Mikkelsen (Germany), Andrea Saltini (Italy), Maria Santi (Argentina), Gemma Schiebe (UK), S. von Puttkammer (USA), Manny Rocca (Spain) and Naoko Morisawa (USA) as a featured artist.

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