Issue 11/2017 (34)

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Artists: Maxine Attard (Malta), Gala Bell (UK), Tamar Chechelashvili (Georgia), Gaciu (Romania), Sung Mi Hwang (South Korea), Eduardo Martinez (Spain), Patrick McClintock (USA), Jose Mendes (UK), Ziba Moasser (Luxembourg), Maryse Pique (UK), Ravi Raman (USA), Morten Rockford Ravn (Denmark), Danyelle Rolla (UK), Mark Stopforth (UK), Lynette Quek (UK, Sinagpore), Jakob Zaaiman (UK), Emma Zukovic (Ireland)

Article by Lula Valletta: “Past and Present standing Face to Face” about Face Time exhibition curated by Hedy van Erp.

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