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10/2017 (33)

Helen Birnbaum, Rizza Boo, Kristy Campbell, Jennifer Cropper, Evgenia Emets, Robyn Hepburn, Zoe Sua Kay, Alëna Olasyuk, Aleksandra Sidor, Thodoris Trampas, Reis Turnbull, Wei Tan a.k.a Tatawa, Anett Udud, Yidan Xie

Inside, we encourage you to discover the wonderful artists of our latest issue: Helen Birnbaum (UK), Rizza Boo (Brazil), Kristy Campbell (UK), Jennifer Cropper (USA), Robyn Hepburn (UK), Zoe Sua Kay (USA), Alëna Olasyuk (China), Aleksandra Sidor (UK), Thodoris Trampas (Greece), Reis Turnbull (UK), Wei Tan a.k.a Tatawa (Malaysia), Anett Udud (Ireland), Yidan Xie (USA) and Evgenia Emets (UK) as this month’s featured artist.

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