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08/2017 (31)

Steben Alexander, Λrtvr, Erin Cross, Sparrow Davies, Joanna Gambotto, Azam Ismail, Hanna Kay, Toni Kitti, Yirang Kim, Heesoo Kwon, Crystal Law, Mark Nesmith, Benjamin Nuttall, Julia Sebastian, Amauri Torezan

It’s that time again: time for the new issue! As usual, we welcome you to meet the following artists:

Steben Alexander (Canada), Λrtvr (Germany), Erin Cross (USA), Sparrow Davies (UK), Joanna Gambotto (Australia), Azam Ismail (Singapore), Hanna Kay (Australia), Toni Kitti (Finland), Yirang Kim (Canada), Heesoo Kwon (South Korea/USA), Crystal Law (USA), Mark Nesmith (USA), Benjamin Nuttall (UK), Julia Sebastian (USA), Amauri Torezan (USA)

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