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07/2017 (30)

Jeni Bate, Philippine Boulay, Jordan Clayton, Sol Felpeto, Roosmarijn ten Hoopen, Weiman Liu, Clare Massey, Sooo-z Mastropietro, Marissa Menefee, Mila Morton, Jean-Antoine Norbert, Mitchell Smith, Patricia Thomas, Kiki Xuebing Wang, Michael Ward, Isabelle Zezima

Here is the latest issue of Art Reveal Magazine. We are very excited to present to you the following contemporary artists:

Jeni Bate (USA), Philippine Boulay (France), Jordan Clayton (Canada), Sol Felpeto (Spain), Roosmarijn ten Hoopen (The Netherlands), Weiman Liu (UK), Clare Massey (UK), Sooo-z Mastropietro (USA), Marissa Menefee (USA), Mila Morton (Hong Kong), Jean-Antoine Norbert (USA), Mitchell Smith (UK), Patricia Thomas (USA), Kiki Xuebing Wang (USA), Michael Ward (USA), Isabelle Zezima (France)

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