Issue 06/2017 (29)

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The brand new issue is out now. It features artwork by Brigitte Dietz on the cover and inside you’ll find following artists:
Anirudh Acharya (India), Dimitra Bista (Greece), Tricia Butski (USA), Sara Debevec (USA), Brigitte Dietz (Germany), Ana Drucker (Mexico), Rob Grad (USA), Larissa Hauck (Canada), Stephie Kate (USA), Linda Laino (Mexico), Claudia Miller (UK), Paul Miller (UK), Matlakas (UK), Helen Newman (UK), Alberto Repetti (Italy), Seeko Siriwayo (USA), Mina Talaee (Iran), Denis Taylor (Sweden), Nina Valetova (USA), Cynthia Yatchman (USA)

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  1. Mike Efford says:

    Particularly like the work of Ana Drucker in this issue. Wonderful colorist, and I share her deep sense of a connection between music and art. She’s absolutely right.

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