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05/2017 (28)

Silvia Bellu, Alessandra Calò, Chris Cox , Angela Gonzalez , Emma Harling, Leah Hewson, Sanja Jovic, Lazar Milanovic, Denise Monaghan, Elsbeth van der Poel, Sofya Zueva, Anelor Robin, Robert Tokley, H. C. Turk, Elisabeth Wedenig, Hannah Williams

We want to show you a new 28th issue that we’ve been working on for the last month. On the cover we present our pick, Leah Hewson’s artwork from “Scintilla” series. Also, in this issue of Art Reveal Magazine we take you to a Anelor Robin’s apartment in Berlin, she tells you the thought processes behind her GlueHeads project. Below you can see the complete list of extraordinary artists participating in this issue.

Silvia Bellu (Italy), Alessandra Calò (Italy), Chris Cox (USA), Angela Gonzalez (USA), Emma Harling (USA), Leah Hewson (Ireland), Sanja Jovic (UK), Lazar Milanovic (USA), Denise Monaghan (USA), Elsbeth van der Poel (UK), Sofya Zueva (USA), Anelor Robin (France/Germany), Robert Tokley (Canada), H. C. Turk (USA), Elisabeth Wedenig (Austria), Hannah Williams (USA)

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