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03/2017 (26)

Manss Aval, Irena Azovsky, Paola Bazz, Kenneth Borg, Daniel DeLuna, Jamie Denburg Habie, Chelsie Dysart, Christian Gastaldi, Nat Girsberger, Lauren Goldie, Michelle Hold, J. Howard, Jill Johnston, Ali Keller, Francois Knoetze, Loudwig van Ludens, Jacqueline Lung, Marie Anine Møller, Marleen Pennings, Matilde Piazzi, Steven Sangapore, Moipone Tlale, Jacob Weeks

Let’s celebrate the new issue release and let us introduce you awesome artists: Manss Aval (USA), Irena Azovsky (USA), Paola Bazz (UK), Kenneth Borg (Luxembourg), Daniel DeLuna (USA), Jamie Denburg Habie (USA), Chelsie Dysart (UK), Christian Gastaldi (France), Nat Girsberger (USA), Lauren Goldie (UK), Michelle Hold (Italy), J. Howard (USA), Jill Johnston (USA), Ali Keller (USA), Francois Knoetze (South Africa), Loudwig van Ludens (Germany), Jacqueline Lung (USA), Marie Anine Møller (Denmark/UK), Marleen Pennings (Germany), Matilde Piazzi (Italy), Steven Sangapore (USA), Moipone Tlale (South Africe), Jacob Weeks (UK)

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