Issue 09/2016 (20)

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In This Issue! Meet the Contemporary Artists….

Ahmet Arslan (USA), Kareem Berjaoui (UK), Chris Boyko (USA), Zoita Delia Calinescu (Romania), Jana Charl (USA), Cedric van Eenoo (USA), Dick Evans (USA), Susan Stamm Evans (USA), Christina Geoghegan (the Netherlands), Nirvana Geuvdjelian Herrera a.k.a. Nirvana SQ (Mexico), Fiorentina Giannotta (Italy), Arja Kärkkäinen (Finland), Licca Kirk (USA), Terri Lloyd (USA), Teresa Nunez (USA), Hugh Schock (USA), Michael Trozzolo (Canada), Chris Tuff (UK), Christina Tzani (Greece), Gil Zablodovsky (Israel)

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