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1st Multisensory Watercolor Immersive Experience

José Galant

José Galant’s multifaceted work ranges from modern surrealism artworks of Steampunk Science Fiction to Art Nouveau Fantasy. José Galant alternates between traditional techniques in Acrylic or Watercolour painting to Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.

The project on which he is working right now, called “The Steamsnail’s Beach”, perhaps, “the first multisensory watercolor immersive experience”, is an artistic experience, exciting and innovative, exploring and linking reality, augmented reality, virtual reality and augmented virtuality.

In this first experience, Art + Technology + Acupuncture, stimulating all five senses, see and hear with Oculus Rift, feel with his great sponsor Vortx https://www.whirlwindvr.com/pages/vortx, the best environmental simulator for immersive experiences, and Acupuncture by his amazing collaborator Javier Soria, enhancing at a sensitive level the virtual experience of “walking” inside a watercolor. Taste with seawater, and smell with his amazing sponsor Vaqso https://vaqso.com, the smallest scent device for Virtual Reality.

Furthermore, this experience allows him to answer a question… How can he imagine the mixed reality of the future or how he would like it to be.

* The snail’s shell is inspired by the Dragon’s roof terrace – Casa Batlló, a tribute to the great architect Gaudí.


José Galant
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