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08/2016 (19)

Alaa Alrafaihi, Roya Amigh, Nedko Bucev, Richard Carr, Ralph “rEN” Dillard, Nelson Enriquez, Wenjun Fu, Martina Marie Manalo, Nicholas Maroussas a.k.a. Mooschool, Massimo Meo, Zahra Nazari, Cláudia Peralta, Alexandra Pospelova, Dafna Steinberg

Our new issue is here with an exciting and unique mix of artists: Alaa Alrafaihi (Saudi Arabia), Roya Amigh (USA), Nedko Bucev (USA), Richard Carr (Ireland), Ralph “rEN” Dillard (USA), Nelson Enriquez (USA), Wenjun Fu (China), Martina Marie Manalo (Hong Kong), Nicholas Maroussas a.k.a. Mooschool (UK), Massimo Meo (Canada), Zahra Nazari (USA), Cláudia Peralta (Portugal), Alexandra Pospelova (USA), Dafna Steinberg (USA).

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