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02/2016 (13)

Madiha Abdo, Amkka, Jean-Claude Bise, Hakim Boulouiz, Valentina Casalini, Kathy Ferguson, Felicity Gayle, Tess Gray, Julie Impens, Sándor Nagy, Radhika Prabhu, Anita Prohaszka, Mary Rouncefield, Emily Tull, Xiao Wang, Alex Wilk

Welcome to our 13th issue! Discover the following artists:
Madiha Abdo (UK), Amkka (USA), Jean-Claude Bise (Switzerland), Hakim Boulouiz (Switzerland), Valentina Casalini (UK), Kathy Ferguson (USA), Felicity Gayle (UK), Tess Gray (France), Julie Impens (UK), Sándor Nagy (UK), Radhika Prabhu (India/UK), Anita Prohaszka (UK), Mary Rouncefield (UK), Emily Tull (UK), Xiao Wang (USA/China), Alex Wilk (UK)


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