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10 Great Creative Gift Ideas for Street (and not only) Artists

If any street artist is on your gift list, do not worry, here is the list of 10 things that can be satisfactory!

Last issues of our magazine undertook the issue of street art. Lula Valletta was pleased to talk to a known artist called Bambi. More and more artists related with street art reports to us. More often, we guest these artists on equal rules with painters or sculptors during various festivals or at galleries. Thus, the subject is very up-to-date.
People wonder what to buy such persons not only during a holiday season. Even the beloved ones do not understand „what that artist does there” and do not know what gift they should choose. An artist is often a person who people think that has feelings other than the rest of the human population. Let this guide be a tip and a source of inspirations. So, if any street artist is on your gift list, do not worry, here is the list of 10 things that can be satisfactory.
(The order is random.)

A paper billboard – Do It Yourself – I would be delighted with such a gift! I can assembly it myself and paint as I want, just what I like! For a street artist – he/she can visualise an own plan. For a classic artist – a cool option can be to place an own work on a billboard.

The Business of Being an Artist by Daniel Grant. There are legendary stories about poor artists who did not sell any work during their lives and live in poverty. It may sound great and poetically but such image of reality can be frustrating. All of us dream to make a living of something we love to do. Help an absent-minded artist to make money on his/her passion. There are more books like this in the market. I chose this one as I read it and can recommend it 🙂

An arts album – of course, you can buy one randomly and I could recommend something but I can not risk. If you are not absolutely sure which work could be the best for your artist, it is a better solution to buy a gift card.

Do you know what your artist uses? Acrylic or oil colours, sprays, crayons? It may be clichéd but a good reserve of paints is always pleasant. So for street artists the best gift are graffiti supplies.

If you need a richly gift, you can buy a work of another artist. Such gift will surely be appreciated and you will shine having such a brilliant idea. Such gift can also be a great investment. A problem may be with a choice of such work (you can write me and I will help), while a sure thing for street artists is a screen printing of the above mentioned Bambi, called also “a female Banksy”, which you can find HERE.

A personalised sketchbook – elegant framed in leather, with a monogram.

A mat for cutting. Not of my highest priority, always postponed, but when needed the most, I did not have it. It ended that I cut various things with scissors on the floor, using cardboard.

Cosmetics – such artistic expenditure is a cool option.

I was meant not to recommend albums but I can not resist and here, you can find few propositions:

  • Walls & Frames: Fine Art from the Streets by Maximiliano Ruiz
  • Juxtapoz Handmade by Juxtapoz Art and Culture Magazine
  • Gerhard Richter: Panorama: A Retrospective: Expanded Edition by Mark Godfrey
  • The Notebooks by Jean-Michel Basquiat
  • Once Upon a Time: Paintings, Drawings, and Tall Tales by Jeremy Fish

Take an artist to a trip, a dinner, or to a museum. Show him/her a little interest and listen to what he/her has to say about art. The modern arts is not only enigmatic daubers. Artists are sensible and create in order to express something. Do not be afraid of asking questions. It is quite probable that next time you will not need this gift guide.

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