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Entre Nosotros (Between Us) Variation I

Entre Nosotros (Between Us) Variation I, is an audio-visual and interactive, recreating the illusion of a beach environment stuck in time, wrapped around in an indoor space, using video projections, sounds, lights, a floor covered in sand and a scattered objects that reminds us of the contradictions of space, culture and rituals that take place in the edge where the land and ocean meet. Continue Reading

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May 24, 2017

Honoring the Treaties by Iván Sikic

Honoring the Treaties is a durational performance in which artist Iván Sikic (Lima, 1983) invites fellow artist Paul Cannon to join him in a four-hour walk along the twelve-mile

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May 20, 2017

ART FORMOSA, Taipei, the Stunning Display

ART FORMOSA, Taipei, the Stunning Display ART FORMOSA 2017 integrates the well-received, solo-show-based Formosa 101 Art Fair and the two-year-old hotel art fair Formosa Art Show.

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